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I had the luxury of spending four days in Nashville to scout out venues for future shows and to network with other event planners. Thanks to Ben! It was my first visit but certainly not my last!!

Beyond the noise of Broadway (which is a rite of passage and a must see 🤠) there are amazing hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, art, music and more!! I left Music City with an even greater appreciation for musicians, singers, songwriters and the people behind the music. So much passion and hard work pours out of those who work in the music industry! All for the common goal of making life more beautiful one song at a time!

Nashville was incredible and music is life! 🎶

Gail Deva Oconnor
Ben OConnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
Apr 19, 2023

What a beautiful testament


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