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are you coming?

it's been weird, man...

concerts streamed through a screen...

we're not a fan...

this week I wanted to

express how thrilled I am that

me and the band get to perform

for you in just 12 days from now...


yes, in person...

October 16th and 17th,

we will be showcasing an intimate

storyteller concert for two small

audiences in Newport, R.I...

(tickets required in advance)

energy from the soul

is poured out when we play

and its refilled by your presence...

to perform feels to me, like an honor...

life is busy and

you could be anywhere...

but when you decide to show up

for a night to listen...

it's both humbling and

a privilege to have your time.

So thank you my friends for

refilling our souls and fueling

our desire to perform...

One of the songs i'll be

performing with the band is

this one...

original song called

New Port

Our good friends at

Queen Anne's Loft will

be hosting the two night event...

we are keeping things

reasonable and safe limiting

attendance while guests

will have their own

tables to distance from others...

just be sure to snag those

tickets ahead because there is

no availability at the door.

get your tickets now at:

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