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For the first time ever, Ben O'Connor announces the release of his debut album labeled "Born to Wander". Consisting of tracks released to date along with several new songs this album is the mark of quite an impressive milestone. Self produced, Ben O'Connor has poured heart and soul into the fine details of each and every song taking nearly two years to fully complete. This album is not only a reflection of Ben as an artist but it amplifies his wandering spirit and excitement for the unknown. Full of songs and stories the album echos the premise "wandering and pondering" heard prominently in his single: "New Port". (story continues below video)

With a world of uncertainty in the music industry the project speaks to the reality that life is short and isn't worth living unless we take a chance on what we love most. Each track has been written by Ben and his closest friends as they deliver a true and transparent look inside the desires of a dreamer. Stay tuned right here for updates on the albums release, track list and more.


" album for the gypsy souls, the vagabondes and anyone out there just seeking more..."

-Ben OC

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