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Live for American Airlines & Mastercard

Updated: Jun 26, 2022

Here's a good story for you... let me take you to the beginning...

About three months ago we finalized on the booking details for this event in Miami Beach with American Airlines and Mastercard. This event was being held to celebrate the top 100 spenders on American Airlines for 2021. Somewhere along the line I thought this event was for Southwest Airlines and American Express... ha! No clue how I confused this or if I just made this up... but here's where it gets interesting...

I went on to inform Luke Denison and Dave Ricco (bandmates) who (I thought) we would be performing for... I shared this with Olivia, the photographer and a couple family members as well...

We arrived at the venue called Cecconi's in Miami Beach... apparently this is a "Soho House" which is an exclusive, members only venue/club... so that was the first surprise. With our Chevy Equinox out front surrounded by Cadillacs and Bentleys we started loading our gear into the venue.

As we wrap up sound checks and start to settle in Luke comes over to me and says "hey man... I don't think we're playing for Southwest Airlines..." I look across the venue and event organizers are putting up a banner with the American Airlines logo on it... I just start shaking my head and we both start laughing. All I can think about is how I need to make sure NOT to mention anything about Southwest Airlines or AMEX on the microphone... no pressure.

You see... prior to any event I am mentally preparing myself for what I will be saying, the banter I will have with audience members... I'm preparing formal statements to make and where they will be placed within our performance setlist... sooo I have prepared over the last few weeks... with Southwest Airlines and AMEX in mind... haha... long story short at the end of the show I thanked "American Express..... whoops American Airlines and Mastercard" for having us and all was fairly smooth. 😎

As for the show... MAN this had to be one of my favorite private events. The audience was absolutely fantastic and super engaged with our music. The music itself was tight and flowed with such an energy I felt overwhelmed with emotion are parts...

Performing with these guys to an audience we were lucky enough to play for was an absolute pleasure. They clapped, hollered, sang along and the evening was perfect.

The event organizers, American Airlines and Cecconi's were all extremely hospitable towards us and their guests were truly a standout audience. Any time an audience requests more originals, you know they've won our hearts!

A very special thank you to...


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Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor

Very cool and funny

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