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"Raised On Kenny" New Single 09/25

It was 10:30PM...

Trunk Bay on St. John USVI

and we finished...

my favorite and most proud

piece of songwriting was complete.


of letting the songwriting

process happen in a way,

I like to call "spiritual"

This isn't a song...

it's a memoir...

a lyrical photo album...

You see, Kenny Chesney

was practically on repeat in our

house growing up...

The words, the values, the stories

all aligned with how we

lived our lives.

So many of Kenny's songs

directly reflect a

chapter in my life...

and I know i'm not alone with that...

loosing and finding love...

a state championship...

both victory and failure...

beach days with the family,

unforgettable travels and more.

I had to verbalize the profound

impact Kenny Chesney made on

me and my family.

vocal tracking session for

"Raised On Kenny"

Olivia and I slowly pieced

this song together while

living on St John for the

2020 winter months...

the only deliberate aspect of

this song was to tell this story

by using just Kenny Chesney

song titles and references...

It made it interesting,

and as things came together,

the song perfectly detailed

our existence.

By far, this was the most

surreal experience

I've had writing music yet.

"now im

by the sea

you and me sweetheart...

livin out

be as you are..."

(lyrics in the new single,

Raised On Kenny)

Although it took over 60 days

to complete the writing,

It felt effortless...

Never wanting to force it,

we let it flow through the weeks,

allowing inspiration to hit...

on the beach... at 2am...

climbing a coconut tree...

driving the jeep...

point is...

this song is a true and

transparent diary of

who, what and where

I come from.

I couldn't be more thrilled

to get this song out to the

world and for you

guys to hear it.

So much love to you all

for the continued support

over the years...

I think you guys will

LOVE this new one.


"Raised On Kenny"

is streaming everywhere

at midnight on September 25th

pre order the song now

on iTunes / Apple Music

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