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Updated: Jan 20, 2023

We have kept a secret from you for almost three years... On February 08th, 2023 i'm telling you this secret... There is a brand new road ahead of Olivia and I... one that we have never gone down. A road so winding and so unknown we can't help but feel both excited and a bit scared at the same time...

This endeavor takes the "adventure" to the next level and so far the going is good. I write this journal entry to you from the great state of Texas from what the locals call the Texas Hill Country... it's beautiful here... our thoughts are gathering, minds are at ease and our breath is caught up to.

We moved out of my home state of Rhode Island, packed up bare necessities and got rid of 80% of our previous life... We have been enjoying time in Florida and Texas and have yet to decide on what's next... but I guess that's what makes this fun... that's what makes me what to share this with you... on February 08th the sharing begins...

After spending new years eve under Austin fireworks we realized something... we made it...

Life, goals and aspirations will always develop... but I believe the "journey" starts when you find your path... What about the time spent finding "your path"? Well, let's call that the prelude.

Three years in the making I feel a deep sense of gratification and gratitude... and although i'm no-where near where I want to end up, we're healthy, pursuing what we love to do across the greatest country on the planet... we made it to the starting line... The journey starts now.

See you February 08th!

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