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watch his reaction...

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

It drops on Friday...

6 months of developing this song...

"Raised On Kenny"

was carefully and meticulously

put together by my team and I.

It had to be true to us...

We didn't take into account the appeal

for mainstream, nor did we strive for this

song to be widely accepted by radio...

I only want this to be an honest and real

narration of our lives... how my

brothers and I grew up,

what was and still is

important to us.

My younger brother Zach and

I have always been

the avid listeners of Kenny...

Zach listens to music like its his job...

He understands it... not just as a

listener but he gets the creative side...

He understands the process,

values the inner workings

and most of all is brutally honest.

I've written plenty of songs he'll be

honest about and give a

truthful opinion on...

I think thats why watching his

reaction to our latest work was

a pretty cool experience.

watch below:

Raised On Kenny is my proudest

song to date and words can't

describe how excited I am

to share this song with the world.

For anyone out there looking

for a little more summer and

a lot more love...

this song goes out to you...

Available and streaming worldwide

Friday 09/25/20

Next month we have arranged

an intimate concert with

a very cool venue in

Newport, Rhode Island...

With the first night selling out fast

due to limited space, we have

just added a second night!

Reserve your table below

and we'll see you there!

Much love my friends!

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Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
Feb 04, 2023

Unreal. WOW

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