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storms at late...

A shuttered world has

unquestionably dampened

creative spirits.

Life boats have untethered

from their vessels and

have drifted into the mist...

the uncharted sea that we

call life has become

immeasurable in its

new found scale.

A resilient blanket of

clouds threatens this

voyage but holds an

encouraging promise...

Despite the volatile

nature of current events...

new ideas, lessons and

skills are acquired.

We evolve through conflict

We innovate through failure

And conquer through fear

High seas are what

make a sailor.


It doesn't take much to support artists, musicians and creators. Our lives are spent in uncertainty during normal times, so today we face an uphill battle. This battle is for fuel... You see, when we perform for you live and share our souls, we are pouring our energy and spirit into you... This is reciprocated by your attendance, your applause and the chance to connect with you on an emotional and spiritual level. In todays world we have been stripped of that opportunity and for more than you know, it's been devastating for creators.

"Support" often is associated with a monetary proposal... this isn't what we create for. Music is an invisible art... it comes from a dimension undefined. We create to connect, to unite and to celebrate... the best form of support we could receive is knowing that our music, our art is being received. We don't need much, never have and never will... just 3 minutes of your time to take a listen and share.

Be well my friends and if your day allows you the moment, share and support the beautiful work of your local creators. Nothing but love to you...

-Ben OC


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