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Meet The Team


Ben OConnor

Artist & Business

With nearly a decade of live music and business experience, Ben OConnor is one of the highest rated performing acts for private events nationwide. Working alongside America's largest corporations such as Oracle, Mastercard, American Airlines and more, Ben and his team have delivered premium event experiences live across America. You can reserve Ben for you next event and read more about Ben's story by tapping the link below.


Kristen Caisse

Manager & Events Director

As Manager and Director of Events, Kristen has coordinated concerts across America for a wide range of gatherings. Many of these include corporate destination events for American Airlines, Mastercard, ForgeRock, Syncrony Financial along with countless weddings, private celebrations and small gatherings at home. Tap below to learn more about Kristen and contact her today to start planning something special.


Olivia James

Event Management & Songwriter

Olivia James works each event ensuring smooth communication and logistics between Ben OConnor Music Group and it's clients. Olivia brings skilled songwriting to the group which stems from her independent success in the arts with murals and private commissions. Ben and Liv are not just business partners but partners in life as you will see the two frequently traveling America with their dog, Zona!


Dave Ricco

Sound Engineer & Lead Guitarist

Life long lover of music, Dave Ricco take his distinguished music career on the road with Ben OConnor. An expert in live audio, studio production and with brilliant skills on multiple instruments, Dave Ricco has brought a new dimension to Ben OConnor Music Group. Dave ensures smooth day of production coordinating all logistics required to execute a professional caliber concert in addition to his performance on stage with the group.


Luke Denison

Band Member & Artist

Classically skilled and a wealth of talent, Luke brings his Nashville roots to Ben OConnor Music Group in a very unique fashion. Experienced songwriter, musician and artist, Luke has performed on stage with Ben for nearly five years. Luke's proficiency on guitar, percussion, mandolin and more has brought vibrant colors to the group and has left a memorable impact on all who have attended a Ben OConnor concert. 


Ross MacAndrew

Band Member

Ross MacAndrew joined the band early on and has performed with the group for over five years. Ross' independent success in the music industry has brought a trusted sound to Ben OConnor Music Group. Reliable on and off stage, Ross brings over a decade of experience in live music and audio production.


Josh Mello

Band Member

Josh Mello and Ben have been long time friends even before the music. Josh was a police officer in Ben's hometown high school growing up and these two always clicked well. Some time after graduation Josh left the police department and they reconnected with a desire to play music together. Since 2015 Josh has performed in countless shows and has brought the group an unmatched energy with every event.


Alex Gomes

Band Member

Alex is one of the original band members growing up with Ben in the same hometown. Alex has brought his love of classic rock and many other genres to the sound of this group. Positioned primarily on drums / percussion Alexs' talents stretch far beyond the drum kit. His skill on guitar, ear for good music and new found talents with songwriting consistently elevates Ben OConnor Music Group.


Nick Gomes

Band Member

Nick was the first member of the band back in 2014 when the two would meet for rehearsals and record cover songs. What started as some informal jam sessions blossomed just one year later into a full band. Nick has always brought a confident and steady sound to the band as his skills with bass and acoustic guitar have propelled the group over the years.


Eric Schwarz

Event Staff

Working with the group for nearly a decade, Eric has brought a friendly and welcoming energy to every event. Often the first face ticket holders see, Eric works to ensure smooth event flow from start to finish.


Cris Cas

Producer & Artist

With a wealth of independent success in the music industry, Cris has brought his skills as a musician and in music production to elevate the songs recorded and published by Ben OConnor. Cris worked alongside Dave Ricco on production of Ben's Ocean State and Born to Wander albums.

brandon 2.jpg

Brandon Langdon

Songwriter & Producer

Working alongside Ben for nearly a decade, Brandon co-wrote "Craving California" and was the producer for the music video, "RebeLand". Brandon's creative mind has propelled the songwriting and production value of many project pursued by the group.


PJ Dougherty

Videographer & FAA Drone Pilot

Achieving independent success as a videographer and drone pilot, PJ has brought a new dimension to Ben OConnor Music Group. Lead videographer / producer on music video projects like "New Port" and "Raised on Kenny", PJ has a elevated and amplified the creations from this group.


Pete Sherman

Business Partner & Sponsor

An early backer of Ben OConnor and continued partner in business, Pete Sherman, owner of Newport Propane has fueled much of the production of albums and exclusive events held in the hometown region. Ben often credits the gracious support extended by Pete for the many successes of the group. 


Christian Winthrop

Media Partner

A continued supporter of Ben OConnor Music Group, Christian has showed an unending effort to publish and amplify important events, releases and more to the local media. Founder of Newport Buzz, Christian has used his record breaking platform to elevate the group. 

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