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building bridges...

Somewhere in my DNA there must be a

Roman bridge builder

I've always been fascinated by

bridges... their might, their defiance

of gravity and their power to unite.

I grew up on an Island with three

bridges connecting us to the mainland...

I've learned valuable lessons from these

structures as they've inspired

my motives with music

They have deliberate intentions

to conjoin community and culture.

To eliminate the divide

between beliefs and religions...

United by a foundation rooted

in bedrock, bridges enable and amplify

the beauty in our world...

and I feel like music does the same...

For as long as there is life,

there is love...

I speak for every artist,

musician and songwriter when I say...

music is the bridge.


The coronavirus has crippled the

entertainment industry with

more than 12 million jobs lost.

We as human beings have

always needed music...

now, more than ever...

music needs you.

Support your local artists,

musicians and creators by sharing,

streaming and listening.

We are profoundly grateful for the

privilege of your time and thank you

for being the fuel to our fires

tune in every Sunday

for new journal entries


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