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damn it... you made me cry

Just a couple short years ago you were bartending, working long hard hours and not exactly doing what you loved... You had an idea of what you wanted to do but not quite sure how to get there. Well... here we are... present day and you just conquered a 50+ foot MURAL at the Hingham Shipyard in Massachusetts. I'm beyond words with how impressed, proud and grateful I am to be a spectator of your process...

In the beginning... watching the original concept art come together at home was super cool... and seeing how immensely proud you were of it had me hoping and praying that once you presented, that it would be approved... sure enough... Scott (the client) was ecstatic!! Scott and his team were floored with the mock up design and soon after you started with the installation of this EPIC work...

You poured pure soul into this piece... so much of this mural is your spirit and looking at it resembles the very human you are. You brought the history of American heroes back to LIFE... the woman who worked this shipyard during World War II and the Naval ships they built were vital to this county's triumph over evil. You and your art are now tied to this legacy...

As I sit here writing this, as I watched you with photographers and as you interviewed with the press, I couldn't help but tear up... I'm overwhelmed with happiness for you... pride to be yours...

You work your butt off, you're incredibly persistent and by far the most thoughtful person I know... THIS is just the first of many more moments to come that are so well deserved... keep being the bad ass you are... fuggin love you woman.

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Hingham Shipyard history:

"At the height of World War II, America was building ships at record speeds. Workers at the Hingham Shipyard built and launched 227 warships in just three and a half years, surpassing the Navy's expectations and literally changing the course of world history.

100 Destroyer Escort ships built here guarded thousands of convoys across the Atlantic. The Allies’ success in the famed D-Day invasions would have been unimaginable without the 127 Landing Ship Tanks that were also built and launched from our site." (Source: )

Read news articles here:

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Feb 08, 2023

Thank you for everything you both do. ❤️


Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
Feb 04, 2023

Just amazing and what a team you two are!!!

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