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live in nashville… (videos)

This was a special one...

We all arrived in Nashville to a home cooked meal and open arms of the Denison family. Luke Denison, (pictured above right) Nashville born and raised assured us he had just the spot for our pre-show rehearsal... the house he grew up in.

Just minutes from city center, we pulled up at Luke's parents home for the evening... Dinner was prepared and us northerners got a true dose of southern hospitality. ❤️🏠

After the perfect meal and good covos we jumped into rehearsal...

Working with Dave Ricco and Luke is always a breeze... these two define what it means to be professional... We tightened things up, prepared our show for the following evening and called it a night.


It's show day... our hotel was directly across the street from the venue... we began loading our gear in and I was hit with an energy upon entering... this place was made for music... it wasn't a club, not a theater or a lounge but something more unique... it's know as "Analog at Hutton Hotel". This hidden gem is designed for the artists with something to say... Designed for the audience that wants to listen... I've seen a lot of venues over the years and this one is easily towards the top of my list.

Nick, our sound engineer for the evening got us setup and sound checked in no time. We wrapped up sound check and headed backstage.

Luke Denison performed an opening set to an audience that instantly gravitated towards his music... Dave, Olivia and I listening from above could instantly tell that this group was going to be fun...

Shortly after... Dave, Luke and I took the stage together and the audience was ENGAGED. These people came for stories and music... that was clear. We shared originals and they requested more... as an artist you dream of an audience that wants to hear YOUR music...

We mixed in some of our favorite cover songs and for many in the audience it was their first time in Nashville... so we had to sing them a good ole country song by the king, George Strait... and the crowd did not disappoint.

After a couple hours of sharing songs and stories we packed up our gear and made our way down to the main hotel lobby area to exit... but not before a couple dozen people greeted us with a big ovation... thanking us once again for the evening. The love felt was overwhelming and it's safe to say we wont forget this moment... Anytime an audience is this engaged and this grateful for our showing it's like pouring jet fuel in our fire.

I left Nashville with a renewed perspective on this place... It's easy to get buried underneath all the noise in music city... but when you find the right venue and the right audience, it's just the recipe for the perfect show.

Special thank you to Connie at Blueprint for bringing us in to entertain her company's corporate gathering. To Dave Ricco, Luke Denison and Olivia James... you three made this showing possible... I love you guys.

Let us know when your next gathering is... we would love to perform for your next event... let's get started together here:

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