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*Live Stream Cancelled* - Tornado Warnings 🌪️

Updated: Apr 26, 2023

A big part of being in Waco, Texas is living with frequent tornado threats, big storms and heavy winds. Tonight, The Weather Channel has issued tornado warnings and severe storm warnings. Within the past hour, loud alarms around Waco have been blaring and the skies have gotten pretty dark... so Olivia and I are heading south for shelter. (continues below photo)

Sadly we won't be able to bring you the live stream tonight because of this. Because of how quickly this storm is rolling in and considering the bus takes about an hour to get road ready we felt it best to just get gone... We will be safe in a hotel a couple hours south in Austin for the night...

The winner of the Apple Air Pods will be announced on May 10th at the LIVE - in person event in Newport, Rhode Island. All of you that have entered are locked in. Our media partner, Newport Buzz will be live streaming the event for those of you who can not attend!

Excited to see you guys in a couple of weeks! Few tickets remain... get them here:

If you're looking for some free entertainment for this evening, check out the "interesting finds" section on the home page of my new app. There you'll find videos from some of my favorite creators/travelers. Get the app completely free here:

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