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lost my wallet somewhere in Texas...

We pulled up to a gas station off of an interstate outside of Dallas, TX... I hop out, swipe my card, pump the gas... and that's it... that's the last time I remembered where my wallet was...

About a month or so ago I had a private event booked in Austin, Texas! Olivia had a busy schedule coming up with murals so it wasn't looking like she could come with me for the drive down. So I asked my Dad, who had not yet been to Texas if he wanted to join me... sure enough he said yes and we took off!

We stopped along the way in Nashville, did the Broadway thing and got some INSANE BBQ at Edley's just outside the city. The next day our destination would be Austin... passing through beautiful Arkansas and into Texas... and this brings me to the interesting part... the gas station...

It’s dark and getting late now… we filled the tank at a station east of Dallas… we get back in the car… not realizing my wallet wasn't with me and continue on south. We pull off for one last fill up before we arrive in Austin... and now it hits me... no wallet... under the seats, glove box, console, in the back... nothing.

It's just after midnight and I now have no License (to check into hotel with or if we get pulled over), no cards and $400 cash is gone. My Dad and I gutted the car looking for this thing but no trace. We cut our losses and thanked the tech gods for "tap to pay"! I was able to pay for fuel with my phone via apple pay. While my Dad immediately offered to cover everything I had to find a way to get access to funds and make transactions…

Long story short, with some sweet talking we were able to check into the Marriott despite not having my ID and my Dad came in clutch using his card at check-in… without this, the Chevy Equinox would have been home for the night 😅 Thanks Dad!

Now... About finding my wallet… I made several phone calls to the gas station we went to, looking for the wallet... hoping that someone found it and turned it in... but no luck.

I gave up, figured someone stole it and I needed to focus on the show I had coming up the next day… which was a big success!

The next day rolled around and I ended up purchasing a new wallet, the one you see in the first picture up top. Custom made by a leathersmith in Texas!

Sure enough within 24 hours of buying the new one I noticed a missed call and voicemail from an unrecognized number…

Someone found it!!!

In the breakdown lane…

On an interstate…

By absolute luck a trucker pulled over on the side of the highway and found it sitting on the pavement…

He said he found my number on my business card inside…

I called him back blown away with gratitude and disbelief with where he found it… and then it dawned on me… my dumb ass must have put my wallet on the roof while I was re-securing our roof racks.

In the end… Mike, the trucker that found my wallet mailed my wallet home and I told him to keep some cash for the good deed and his efforts 🙏🏼

Moral of the story… in a world full of noise there is still GOOD PEOPLE out there. #texas

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Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
Feb 04, 2023

Unbelievable story. What a gift

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