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meet Kristen... Director of Private Events

I'm thrilled to introduce you to our Director of Private Events! Kristen joined us at the start of the summer of 2022 and she has been vital in our efforts to expand our presence in private destination events.

Since Kristen came aboard she has secured corporate event contracts in Nashville, Phoenix, St. Louis and Atlanta with many more in the pipeline across America.

Entrusting anyone with representation of a brand I've been building over the past 8 years is no easy task but Kristen has made this easy.

Lately we have placed an emphasis on making the client experience premium, efficient and accessible... You will notice new features such as live, real time chat available Monday - Friday right at the bottom of your screen here at Through this chat you can talk directly with Kristen, ask questions and inquire about availability. Additional features like our "Brochure" and "FAQ" section allow you to dig into the experience we deliver, review our pricing and more... see that here:

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Aside from regularly offering our services in EVERY corner of the United States, we are working to amplify our presence in markets like Nashville, Austin, and in cities across Florida. I couldn't ask for a better teammate for such challenging work.

Kristen has worked in the cruise ship industry and she understands the importance of providing a premium experience... don't take my word for it. Reach out today, connect with Kristen and let's start planning your next event... any size... anywhere USA! #liveacrossamerica

Contact information:

Kristen C.


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