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Private Tour - Texas Rangers Stadium - Meet James and Cindy

Today I met James and Cindy. These two spent a couple hours showing me a place they hold close to their hearts. A place that comes to life with people that love baseball as much as these two.

Globe Life Field is home for the Texas Rangers and James and Cindy are charged with the responsibility of showcasing this marvel of a stadium to the public. Today they took me on a private tour of this wonder structure...

Completed and opened in 2020 this $1.1 Billion Stadium was built by architect Bryan Trubey and was designed with a fully retractable roof... literally... not just a section like most domes but the entire roof...

James and Cindy took me down to see their luxury lounges and where you go for the "best seat in the house". This place is state of the art. As a Red Sox fan, coming from Fenway Park (which will always be number one for me) let's just say this was quite a difference!

We made our way over towards the first base line where they gave me access to the field. As we walked around I couldn't help but feel star struck... amazed... The structure itself is a master piece... the layout of the stadium was extremely thoughtful and the view from this angle is unmatched...

This place was designed for a real BIG Texas experience with BBQ, steaks and all kinds of food you don't usually find in sports arenas.... But I've got to say this might just be my favorite part of it all... A tradition the MLB carries out in all of it's stadiums... The seat is painted black along with a plaque to honor soldiers who were prisoners of war or are missing in action. (plaque coming soon)

Cindy and James were perfect and I enjoyed the time we shared together. The staff is incredibly friendly and you get the sense that it's one big family operation here. If you find yourself in Dallas, be sure to make a stop and see this beauty of a stadium

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