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this rock we're spinnin on...

I have fallen in love with

music's ability to unite...

Someone with complete

opposite beliefs and views on

this world may like the

same song you do...

to me...

thats magical...

It shows me that on this rock,

we can find common ground

Our latest song is called

Raised On Kenny...

the aim of this song is

to share the love we have

felt through the years

listening to Kenny Chesney's music...

my favorite thing to do in

this life is bring people together...

that's why I play music...

With another divisive topic

around every turn we take,

I wanted to take this opportunity

to release a song that injects

a little more love to this

beautiful world.

This song speaks to the inspiration

given to me and my family by

Kenny Chesney's music...

Take a listen to the latest

commentary for Raised on Kenny above

and stream the song on

Apple Music, Spotify and more...

Thank you all for being the very

best part of the music!

much love my friends.

-Ben OC

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