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turn it off...

Im sure just by reading the

title of this weeks journal entry,

you know what this is about...

probably because now more

than ever, you've thought

about doing just that...

turning it off...

the news, the talk, the theories

the problems, debates,

the disagreements...

I believe there are many more

characteristics that unite us than

those differences that seek to divide.

I've leaned into the thought

that sometimes consumes us...


why here?.... why now?

and what for?

Religion and politics aside

I believe firmly, we are all here

on this rock, at this specific time

in history for a reason.

I also believe the path we

choose is entirely up to us.

These beliefs are what FUELED

our debut album,

Born To Wander.

Rooted in my WHY is an endless

stream of curiosity...

a wonder that spans our dimension...

and a desire to viralize love.

I'm finding that simplifying

is the best way to soak up

the beauty in this life...

less materialism...

less notifications...

less attention to things that don't

feed the desire to live and love.

I think you'll hear those messages

of love, simplicity and curiosity in our

Born To Wander album.

At the end of the day,

we're left with our own dreams

our own thoughts and

those who love us.

Born To Wander is about just that

Stream the debut album,

Born To Wander...

now available everywhere music is played


This past week we remembered

those effected by the 9/11 attacks.

Watch our tribute video below

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Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor
04. Feb. 2023

I’m running out of words to express myself about this….it makes my heart hurt with gratitude for what you are doing, what you have done to get here!

Gefällt mir
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