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Where should we go?

February marks month number four of us being on the road full-time. We began our travels on the west coast of Florida on beautiful Anna Maria Island. Our time there was well spent… The water resembled something out of the Caribbean, the beaches were perfect, and the people lived by a much slower pace.

Olivia was commissioned for several art pieces while in Florida… One was for the Boys and Girls Club in Tampa and another at a private residence. Both projects were really cool to see come together… Check them out below.

Boys and Girls Club - Canvas

Private Residence - Mural

As we wrapped up business in Florida we prepared the bus for a 1,500 mile journey over to Texas! Taking just a couple days the trip went smoothly, other than the rough and bumpy highways of Louisiana. We settled into what would be our home for the month just outside of Austin... here we would celebrate Christmas and the new year for the first time away from family and on the road.

As much as we missed our families, we really enjoyed the time together… I feel we are in moments of change and growth and spending the holidays, just the two of us, made us realize how grateful we are for each other.

After the new year, we moved the bus into the Texas Hill Country. This region of Texas certainly gives you the feeling that you truly are in Texas… Much to our surprise many of the Texan cities feel very much like regular American cities… We were expecting more of a southern feel to them. While San Antonio certainly lives up to the southern feel, Austin, Dallas and Houston all sort of feel like they could fit into any state. After spending the month in Austin, we were eager to find a more private relaxing setting and we found just that at a place called Camp Fimfo up at Canyon Lake, TX.

This has been the most relaxed I've been in a while. This RV resort is perfect... We are embedded into the landscapes… surrounded by nature and loving every day.

The pattern you might be noticing is we like to spend at least one month in each location we bring the bus to. A month allows us to really get to know the land, the environment, the people, and overall gives us a sense of what it's like to live in each place we visit.

With that being said, we have plans to stay in Texas for just one more month and beyond that we have no more plans… So... now we're looking to all of you… Anywhere in America... Any suggestions on where to go next?

Comment below 👇🏼

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Gail Deva Oconnor
Gail Deva Oconnor

Hi. I think stay somewhere south to enjoy warm air. Maybe Arizona? It’s just so cool to watch this journey. Ty for sharing this💕💕💕💕💕. We adore you two 🦢🦢.

Mom and Dad💌💌



Wow already 4 months have gone by. Time goes by so quickly. Thank you for a lovely update on each month.

Olivia, your murals come out spectacular!! Love them both !

Um…. Where to go from Texas, well how about California? I personally wouldn’t go to the larger cities um unless you are preforming (hope you do)

But there are so many places that have fantastic RV parks and great weather small enough to set up and enjoy for a month or so.

Colorado is another spot that is beautiful as well.

Oh my Ben any where you going is going to be spectacular. America 🇺🇸 offers us so many beautiful places. As long as your with Olivia your going…

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